Dear Student-Athlete:

Welcome to the Next Chapter of Rams Athletics! You have just made one of the most important decisions of your life; the decision to become a student-athlete at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU). During the next four to five years you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to enter a chosen profession. The experiences you are about to encounter are certain to be enlightening and informative. It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome and hearty congratulations in advance for the success I am certain you will achieve.

To allow you to reach your full potential in athletics, the department provides you with outstanding facilities, knowledgeable coaches, well-trained support staff, competitive schedules and life skills programming.

The Intercollegiate Athletics Department is also here to support your success as a member of the WSSU community. To that end, this handbook has been developed to ensure that you know how to locate the wide variety of resources available to you and that you are aware of and have easy access to the policies and regulations that pertain to you as a student and athlete. As you browse the handbook, keep in mind that we feel the following ideas and thoughts will help you as you proceed through your college career:


Do not be afraid to ask for assistance. That is why we are here—to make sure that your experience is valuable and worthwhile. Also, let us know how we are doing-we need your input in order to improve our programs.


Be willing to participate. Everything we offer and everything we do is for your benefit. A part of being willing is taking responsibility for yourself and your own personal success.


During the time you are here, make sure you take full advantage of what athletics and the other university units have to offer. Then, when you graduate from WSSU, you will be the one with the “advantage.”

Giving Back

Keep in mind that all of the opportunities you will enjoy here are because someone else took the time to contribute by volunteering their time and/or by donating gifts or money for scholarships, facility/capital improvements, travel and operations. We hope that you too can make a difference both while you are here - through campus and community involvement - and long after you have graduated by becoming an active alumnus.

Our number one goal is to provide offerings and support services during your time at WSSU and to ensure when you leave with a degree in hand, you will also be equipped with the tools and skills necessary to lead a productive and happy life.

I hope you will have a rewarding and successful academic and athletic year. I look forward to meeting many of you and working with you during your time at WSSU.

Tonia Walker

Director of Athletics


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