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The Winston-Salem State University Clarence E. "Big House" Gaines Athletic Hall of Fame is the highest individual honor that a former athlete, athletic administrator or private individual can receive at Winston-Salem State University. Restored by former WSSU Director of Athletics, Dr. Chico Caldwell in 2002, the WSSU C.E. Gaines Athletic Hall of Fame honors an annual class of new inductees in the fall of every academic year after an exhaustive year-long nomination, review, and induction voting process by a 15-member panel.

Inductees are available in three distinct categories with former athletes, former coaches, and those who have devoted countless hours of tireless work to the Athletic Department through meritorious service being eligible for enshrinement. The Hall of Fame selection committee will consider the applicants accomplishments as well as their financial contributions to the University.

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Clarence E. "Big House" Gaines


Theodore Blunt

Melvin Fair


Henrietta Clark

Tim Grant


Thomas J. Cunningham

William "Bill" Hayes


Jacob Davis

Debra Rivers Johnson


Jack DeFares

Pete Richardson


Marshall Emery

Wilbur L. Ross


William English

Harold Taylor


George Foree


Reginald Gaines



Richard S. Glover

Odell Clayton


Cleo Hill

Paul R. Hayes, Sr.


Naomi J. Jeffries

Hoyt Wiseman, Sr.


Lauriece Jenkins



Willis Johnson


Ralph Jones



Harold "Funny" Kitt

Darrell Edmund Galloway


Keenan Menefee

Linwood Skinner


James I. "Buck" Mitchell


Earl Monroe



Chellia Nelson

Bennie Barbour


Joseph Nichols

Lesley Barley, Jr.


Sandy Smith

Derrick Beasley


Vanessa Kay Smith-Johnson

Anthony Blaylock


Carlos Terry

Kermit Blount


Virginia Vinson

Dr. Randy C. Bolton


Brenda Winfield

Jack Cameron


Willie James Crite, Jr.



Jacob Davis


Alfred Adams

James Davis


Eglon Bailey

Troy Davis


Leon Coleman

Billy R. Diggs


Elias Gilbert

Benjamin T. Dupree, Jr.


Edward Griffin

Charles Eaton


Stanley King

Donald Evans


Vanessa Kay Smith-Johnson

Dwayne C. Finch


George Dillard Macklin

Donald Frank


Oronde Gadsden



Lester Gaither


Alvin Paul Queen, Sr.

Bobby Garner


Samuel Puryear

Kelly D. Goodman


Eddie Gregg



Nelson Guthrie


Heather Davis

Hubert "Muddy Waters" Hargett


Shannon G. Davis

William Quinton Hayes


Sheila Vanhook McDonald

Martin Hicks


Kenisha Williams

Leonardo Horne


Laurie Underwood

Richard Huntley


Daniel Jacobs



Victor Johnson, Jr.


Danny Dwayne Boden

Willie Jordan


Bennie Lee Carver

Steve Lindsay


James McLinnaham

Winfred Mack


Willie E. Mouzon

Allen McManus


Donnell Rawls

Danny Moore


Verdell Sanders

Marvin Morrison


Russell Murphy



Timmy Newsome


Frances Atkins

Jonathan "Sly" Nimmons


Beaufort Bailey

Jack O'Kelley


Dr. L’Tanya Joy Bailey

Masha Paul


Mosé Belton

Everett "Doc" Payne


Bethel Johnson Burton

Gary Raiford


Harold Clawson

Curtis Richardson


Vivienne Conley

Bobby Rowe


Lafayette Cook

Freager Richard Sanders, Jr.


Nathaniel Cook

Eddie N. Sauls, III


Donald Cureton, Sr.

Reginald Sherrod


Joseph Howard Daniels

Antonio Lane Stevenson


Kelvin Farmer

Harrison Junior Stokes


Mary Garber

Yancey Thigpen


Mae Godette

Cleo Wallace


Terry Griffin

Keith Wilkes


Fernandez Griffin

Dr. James E. Winbush


Peyton Hairston

Michael Winbush


Laurence Harrison

Robert Weeks, Sr.


Alfred Harvey

Cory Williams


Charlie Hauser

Tory Woodbury


Susie Hilliard



Linwood Jerald


Henry Jones, Jr.



Dr. Clarence "Jeep" Jones

Valonda Bruinton Calloway


Charles Arthur Love

Dr. Nikita Williams Lindsay


Walter Marshall

Tommy Tyson


Michael Vincent McCoy


DeValdean Penn



Andrew Reynolds

1967 NCAA Championship Basketball Team


Albert Roseboro

1959-60 Track & Field National Championship Team


Marcelene Scales

1953 CIAA Basketball Championship Team


Allean Sims

1960-61 CIAA Basketball Championship Team


Stephen A. Smith

2000 CIAA Football Championship Team


Joseph "Jake" Suggs

1999-00 CIAA Championship Basketball Team


Andrew Terrell

1971 CIAA Southern Division Championship Football Team


Delores "Dee" Todd

1977 CIAA Championship Football Team


Claudette Weston

1984-86 WSSU Softball Team


Harden "Butch" Wheeler



John Whitley



Donald Williams



Kenneth Williams