Rams Season Ends with 5-1 Loss to Charleston (W.Va.) at NCAA Division II Atlantic Regional

CHARLESTON, WV – The Winston-Salem State Rams (13-9) gave it their all, but the team could not overcome the tough University of Charleston (W.Va.) Golden Eagles (19-5) with a 5-1 loss in the preliminary round of the NCAA Division II Atlantic Region Tournament. The Rams were able to notch a doubles win against the second seeded Golden Eagles, but the team could not pull out the victory in spite of a great effort.

The Rams opened the day on a high note, with the freshman tandem of Josh Aubrey and Corey Bonnette notching a clutch 8-2 win at #2 doubles. However, the team took an 8-2 loss at #3 doubles, followed by an 8-4 loss at #1 doubles.

Trailing 2-1 heading into singles play, the Rams could not overcome as three wins by the Golden Eagles ended the WSSU season. The Rams took losses at #5 singles, #6 singles, and at #4 singles to seal the loss.

With the loss, the Rams finish the season with a 13-10 overall record and the first conference title in school history. For more information on Rams tennis, contact the WSSU Office of Athletic Media Relations at (336) 750-2143 or log on to www.WSSURams.com.


Charleston (W.V.) 5, Winston Salem State University 1
Apr 27, 2013 at Charleston, W.Va. (Shoenbaum Courts)

Singles competition

1. Matthew Sherba (UC-M) vs. AUBREY, Josh (WSSUM) unfinished

2. Samuel Humphrey (UC-M) vs. JONES, Creighton (WSSUM) unfinished

3. James Gammell (UC-M) vs. AUBREY, Jonathan (WSSUM) unfinished

4. Dennis Okoth (UC-M) def. BONNETTE, Corey (WSSUM) 6-4, 6-1

5. Jacob Lorenz (UC-M) def. JETER, Chris (WSSUM) 6-0, 6-1

6. Nicholas Bakos (UC-M) def. DUNZWEILER, Drew (WSSUM) 6-2, 6-0


Doubles competition

1. Samuel Humphrey/Dennis Okoth (UC-M) def. JONES, Creighton/AUBREY, Jonathan (WSSUM) 8-4

2. AUBREY, Josh/BONNETTE, Corey (WSSUM) def. Richard Williams/Matthew Sherba (UC-M) 8-6

3. Gabriel Seymour/James Gammell (UC-M) def. JETER, Chris/DUNZWEILER, Drew (WSSUM) 8-2


Match Notes

Winston Salem State University 13-10

Charleston (W.V.) 19-5